My Name is Kelly. I am an artist from Nashville Tennessee where I work and live. I love music and Star Wars.   

I graduated with a degree in Theater & Art in 1996 from Austin Peay State University. Since then, I have filmed a few spots for shows on HGTV displaying crafty ideas and painting techniques. I have worked in lots of different places over the years, such as music stores in malls, art supply stores, scenic design companies & art galleries. 

Since 2003 I have owned and operated where I make & sell hand made Lamps crafted from Womens Under-skimpies. I also like to paint forest creatures intermingling with Pop Culture.   

 I was born in 1974 and Kung Fu Fighting was the #1 song. I remember seeing Superman in the theater when I was 4 years old and having a crush on Christopher Reeves. He was a guest on The Muppet Show later that year. I was convinced Miss Piggy was going to leave Kermit for him. 

I was very torn up over it.   

When I was a kid, my favorite television show was The Bionic Woman. Looking back on the show now, the tech is very outdated, but Lindsey Wagner's acting is still solid. I loved episodes when The 6 million dollar man would make a cameo appearance. Cue the bongo drums and the slow motion running...  

I have made a list of my top 25 favorite songs of all time. This list took me a few years to perfect. It rarely gets edited, and when it does, its a serious struggle. Yes, I do have a favorite song. I will tell you what it is if you ask me.   

I think Gonzo's song & scene from the original Muppet Movie has more soul than a lot of serious acting I have seen in modern movies.  My favorite Movie is The Eternal Hunt for the Spotless October.   

I might have watched too much TV as a kid, but I also played outside a lot, got grass cuts under my pinky toe, skinned my knees, and I could run barefoot on a gravel driveway without slowing down. I buried a box of Mardi Gras beads in my back yard after I saw Goonies. The adventure was lackluster, seeing as how I knew where the treasure was...   

Pop culture saturated my childhood, but I feel that I am enriched from it. 

I hope you like & laugh at my Artwork. This is want I want to do.  

My art should make you laugh; it is my whole purpose as an artist. 

This is my profession, not a hobby. 

Find me anywhere online by the username Tramplamps  

Please be nice to me. 

About Tramp Lamps:  

Each Tramp Lamp Is Handmade from Used or Vintage clothing,
They are One of a kind and Made for Indoor use Only. Tramp Lamps Are to be used as hanging Lamps at all times, and crafted so that they can be displayed by their Padded hanger, which is included, along with the Lamp cord and light bulb.

I crafted my first Tramp Lamp in 2003. I knew it was something unique and had great potential for me creatively. So, I researched the idea thoroughly to be certain I was not copying someone else's process or concept.*

Once I was certain that nothing like it had been made before, I proceeded with the development and launched my website with a small collection of one f kind lamps that all sold out within the first 2 weeks of my web site being online.

As you are reading this, I've made over 1300 unique Tramp Lamps. Many of which You can see by visiting the "Photos"  section of my Public Facebook Page. Or the "sold" section on my Etsy Shop Page. 
I have had the good fortune to be endorsed by founders of major lingerie companies, as well as complemented by the Heiress of a legendary American undergarment empire that was named after her when she was just a baby.

If you see anyone else making anything that resembles Tramp Lamps in any way, please let them know about

Even after all these years, I still love finding antique, Vintage, and used garments to alter, illuminate, and decorate for lighting to sell all over the Earth. I really hope that If you were to find one of my creations perfect for your decor, that you would feel the same way.
I love making TRAMP LAMPS and I love making art.


This is my full time job; I make it, I pack it, and I stand in line at the post to ship it.
I want you to love it & to be happy with it.

Click This image I made of Grumpy Cat to visit my Stormcats Tumblr Page

Click This image I made of Grumpy Cat to visit my Stormcats Tumblr Page