What is a Tramp Lamp?
Tramp Lamps are one of a kind hand made lamps crafted out of Vintage and Modern women’s clothing. Each lamp is unique and is ready to hang in any home with any décor. The garment is made stiff with a handcrafted non-flammable water based solution. Each lamp comes with a 6-foot click switch cord, a small 25-watt frosted globe bulb and a matching padded hanger. These lamps are to be hung from the included padded hanger at all times. Where you decide to hang your Tramp Lamp is totally up to you. Be creative and let me know if you discover a great new way to display you lamp!

Tramp Lamps are for Indoor Use Only. They are sturdy and hard like any store bought lampshade, however, they are delicate hand made works of art - not factory produced. 25 watts is the recommended wattage for each lamp, but you are free to experiment with other bulb types. The Lamp's safety is guaranteed only when used with the wattage of the bulb provided and kept indoors at normal temperatures (do not leave your Lamp inside a hot car). Tramp Lamps are loved when they are made and are meant to be loved by you when you bring one into your home.

Who makes these Lamps?
ME! I'm Kelly Kerrigan, I am a Nashville Native who graduated with a degree in Theater & Art in 1996 from Austin Peay State University. Since then, I have filmed spots for local T.V.shows and have been a guest Artist on HGTV displaying crafty ideas and painting techniques. My Tramp Lamps & Paintings have been featured in Music Videos, Movies, and been part of set decorations for Musicians. Because of my Artwork, I have been a contestant on Games shows, featured in several online Art websites, and had the opportunity to meet some of my heroes. In 2011, I was fortunate to Co-illustrate the Reading Rainbow iPad Hot Air Balloon logo, which is part of the user interface for the application.

How did Tramp Lamps begin?
In 2003, I decided to experiment with making lamps as a way to create something unique. When I made my first lamp out of a vintage garment, friends and family went nuts for it. It quickly became clear to me that this was worth developing as a business.

After doing a lot of research, I found nothing like it had ever been crafted before. I decided to pursue the concept and take my creations to the World Wide Web. Tramp Lamps had an immediate success on the Internet and nearly 100,000 people visited this very web site within the first 3 weeks of its launch in the fall of 2003. Phone calls from the media began to pour in requesting interviews and press releases. It was overwhelming, surreal and exciting for me. The idea of starting my own business was intimidating and unknown territory for me, but I had to give it a try.

What Else?
I make these lamps, but I also paint lots of Star Wars Fan Art and other fun subjects in Acrylic. I am a Self employed Artist spending my days making Lamps and painting in my Nashville home studio. When you place an Order from my Etsy shop, I am the one creating it, packing it, and mailing it. I am soley responsible for every aspect of the process; There is no one else helping with this business. I will do my best to make you happy. When you order something from me, you give me a financial opportunity which helps me raise my little boy, Milo. And for that, I am forever grateful.

The reality of having invented a purely original form of lighting has been a constant inspiration to my creative processes over the years. I do not take what I do for granted. Since 2003, I have made over 800 lamps and I am always producing new ones. I have no intention of quitting this business any time soon. Its a fun job that I truly love.

If you would like to be notified when new lamps go up on the site, E-Mail Me: Kelly@tramplamps.com

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